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Posted March 18th, 2010 by Charles Purdy

How will the general election affect the cost of your future international payments?

Find out what are the ‘experts’ predicting…

Sterling has dropped nearly 8% against the US dollar since January.

The UK recovery is at best slow-moving whereas the US economy has enjoyed two consecutive quarters of positive growth significantly better than the UK’s.

Also, in the last few weeks, political concerns in the UK have taken hold– namely the possibility of a hung parliament.

On March 1st, sterling dropped 3% to a 9 month low against the US dollar as a Sunday Times opinion poll put the Conservative lead at 2% – lacking the required majority to avoid a coalition government.

This is an issue for the financial markets as a coalition is likely to lack the political willpower to push through the tough legislation required to clear the UK’s record budget deficit.

The investment bank Nomura are forecasting a 35% chance of a hung parliament and if that happens, many analysts are predicting a ‘sterling crisis’ as investors avoid the UK completely.

From recent market reaction, it seems that the best outcome for sterling would be a clear Conservative victory (60% probability according to Nomura). If this doesn’t happen, the pound is likely to suffer.

And a hung parliament is not the only problem…

Another major problem for sterling is the Bank of England’s program of “Quantitative Easing” (the pumping of money into the UK economy). At the moment it is on hold, but the door has been left open for further emergency measures should the economy need further stimulus.

The consequences of further money being injected into the economy are more than likely to be disastrous for sterling.

US dollar and Euro predictions

If this were to happen (which is not too unlikely given the mixed nature of the economic data released recently) analysts are predicting sterling exchange rates heading towards:

– US dollar $1.40/ £1

– Euro €1/£1 (called parity)

There is likely to be some serious movement in exchange rates over the next few weeks and the period up to the election will be critical for the pound. Whichever way the outlook goes over the next few weeks, expect sterling to see large movements.

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Jargon Buster: Downside Risk

In layman’s terms: Downside risk is the risk of the exchange rate moving against you and causing your payment to cost more.

For example, there is a lot of downside risk at the moment, as the Bank of England has not discounted the possibility of pumping more money into the economy. There is currently a lot of downside risk for sterling as concerns grow over a hung parliament.

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