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Posted July 28th, 2010 by Charles Purdy

Free lunches…!

The old adage states that ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch.’ But is this always true? I think not – and I’ll tell you why. Because of the Internet and changing marketing practices today, there is a virtual treasure trove of valuable information available – and most of it is free! Now, I don’t dispute the fact that there’s quite a bit of drivel, however, if you’re interested in gaining a greater understanding about almost anything, the Internet provides an incredible starting pint – and a potential finishing point too.

In terms of marketing practices today, many organisations have learned that the best way to help consumers to purchase their products is to educate them rather than to manipulate, coerce or control them. Just last week, a friend of mine was in absolute misery due to ‘morning sickness.’ She was aware that many women experience nausea during pregnancy yet she was unequipped for just how bad it could be. After a few days of extreme discomfort, she went onto the Internet, discovered around ten ways to minimise the effects – and, within an hour, she was armed with several options – all for free!

After a lot of research and much useful and free advice she eventually settled on an e-book on ancient Chinese pressure points. Within 2 days of purchase her ‘morning sickness’ was a thing of the past. Both the education and the e-book proved invaluable…most of the advice she had used was free and the book was good value: job done.

In this case it had not been absolutely free – so…what about having that free lunch and saving money in the process?

Smart Currency Exchange, the international payment specialists, offer two free reports that not only help readers to make more educated decisions but that also enable them to save hundreds if not thousands of pounds in the process. One report is for individuals that need to make large lump sum payments or small regular payments between Cyprus (it could apply to anywhere abroad) and any country outside the EU (say, the UK). These payments can include paying for a property or making mortgage or pension transfers. The other free report is for companies that need to buy or sell goods or services with countries outside the Euro zone.

Both reports outline how the international payment process works, with a focus on where and why particular expenses occur. Once the reader fully understands this, each report details exactly how to eliminate, if not reduce, the various costs and expenses. The reports allow readers to get valuable free information and, in the end, each reader will be armed with various tools to reduce their expenses dramatically, thus saving money too.

The information has been written in an easy-to-read format with absolutely no jargon. It outlines common mistakes that people make, along with case studies, so it’s easy to relate the information to everyday life. And neither report is longer than 10 pages – giving the reader quick, valuable information that can be assimilated in under 10 minutes.

Just by reading the Smart report could save you huge sums of money. On average, international payment specialists save individuals and organisations €40 for every €1,000 transacted through better-than-bank currency exchange rates. That means that someone buying a property in, say, Cyprus or repatriating back to the UK could save €8,000 on a €200,000 property. Or, an organisation that’s buying or selling goods could save €4,000 on a €100,000 transaction!

Getting better-than-bank currency exchange rates is only one of the tools that the reports discuss. Another significant aspect in relation to the international payment process is planning. If you need to exchange money and the markets are not looking favourable, it’s possible to reserve or lock into an exchange rate even if you don’t need to do the transaction right away.

Imagine having to move €400,000 back to the UK in a month’s time, knowing that the rate is at 1.10 with forecasts of it getting weaker. Imagine watching the value of the €400,000 go from £363,636 to £350,000 – it’s enough to make anyone’s stomach churn – and this type of situation is completely avoidable! By reserving a rate today, you’ll know that the value of the exchange will not change at all in a month’s time.

In conclusion, if you have any need to make international payments, by reading one or both of the Smart reports, you’ll not only get a ‘free lunch’ (something of high value at no cost), but you’ll also learn how to save money throughout the process. So, to find out how to save money, from an individual’s perspective (rather than a company) please go to to collect your free report.

As for companies, or anyone sending or receiving funds for business purposes, just go to to collect your “free lunch!”

There is absolutely no obligation – or strings attached! Our hope is that you read the reports and are so enthusiastic about the potential savings that you call us. The worst thing that can happen is that you spend 10 minutes reading educational material only to choose that saving money isn’t for you….

Charles Purdy is a Director at Smart Currency Exchange, the international payment specialists. To get more information on us – or any of our educational material – you can also call us on 0207 898 0541.

Here is a slightly irreverent testimonial for Smart from Ian Munro!
I would like to express my satisfaction with the ease and convenience of using Smart Currency Exchange. My money was placed into my designated account within 24hours of transfer at the rate I wanted. I guess the biggest pleasure is reserved for knowing you can stick your finger up to the Banks with their less than generous rates and tardy service. I will definitely use Smart Currency Exchange again.

Thank You,

Ian Munro.

For more information on Smart Currency Exchange, please call our freephone: 0808 163 0102 (+44 (0)207 898 0541 from outside the UK) or visit our website at:

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