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Posted November 9th, 2011 by Charles Purdy

How to save money when emigrating

Moving house is always a stressful event; no matter if you are moving halfway round the world or just a few houses down the road. It is also an expensive process, the costs of which tend to include a removal company, solicitor, visa application and, of course, your new home. So, any ways of saving money at any stage in the process should be welcome.

If you are emigrating, whether for a fixed period of time or for good, in which case you’ll likely to be buying a home, you will need money when you get there and you may also need to make regular transfer between the UK and your new home. Whilst banks are useful for buying holiday money in small amounts, it’s highly recommended that you use a currency specialist for transferring large amounts of money between two countries. Not only do currency specialists work faster than banks but since they specialise in foreign currency exchange, they offer better exchange rates than the banks and have a range of solutions to suit different transfer requirements.

Smart Currency Exchange is a currency specialist which specialises in helping people buying property and moving abroad. A typical way that Smart Currency Exchange could help someone thinking of moving abroad is with a ‘Forward contract’: even if you weren’t at the point of needing to transfer money for your move, this would let you secure today’s favourable exchange rate for a transaction in the future, ie when you were ready to emigrate. They could also help you get your preferred exchange rate for a transfer by setting up an ‘Order to buy’ contract – with this, your personal trader would purchase currency on your behalf only once a rate previously agreed by you was achievable, thereby eliminating the need for you to constantly keep an eye on the market.

Smart Currency Exchange can also give you more control over any regular payments you might make between the UK, or any other country, and new home. For example, you might receive a UK pension or other source of Sterling-based income which needs transferring into your new currency; by using a forward contract, you could fix the amount these payments would be each month, allowing you to budget more effectively. A similar solution could be helpful if you have overseas mortgage repayments that are being funded by a Sterling source and you want to fix the amount you pay each in month, in either pounds or the other currency.

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Posted November 2nd, 2011 by Charles Purdy

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