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Posted December 24th, 2012 by Charles Purdy

Ready to save some money in the New Year?

Thousands of overseas property-buyers and British emigrants are set to lose money unnecessarily in the New Year simply by asking their UK bank and NOT a currency exchange specialist to send money to an overseas bank account.

Using a firm that specialises in making foreign currency payments, like Smart Currency Exchange, means you receive an exchange rate that is 2-4 per cent better than the typical exchange rate your high street bank would offer you. Despite this, a survey done by Smart Currency Exchange in 2012 showed that around 40 per cent of people would still opt to use a bank to send money abroad, potentially losing them £’000s. It is hoped that increasing efforts to educate British people about the benefits of currency exchange specialists will help those buying property and moving abroad in 2013 to save money.

Given exchange rates yo-yoed considerably during 2012, with the euro’s value alone ranging between €1.19 and €1.28 against Sterling during the year, and there is much uncertainty about how currency markets will perform in 2013, using and seeking advice from a currency specialist will bring peace of mind you don’t get from a bank.

Take five minutes to read a free report about how Smart Currency Exchange could save you money when making currency transfers – you can download it here.

Meanwhile, here are just a few of the hundreds of people Smart Currency Exchange helped make currency transfers and save money over the last year or so.


Pete Doherty, pictured with his brother, used Smart to send euros to Greece when he bought a property in Corfu. Says Pete: “We couldn’t find anybody better. We have been very pleased with Smart’s speed and efficiency, as well as their excellent rates – we will continue to use the them.”


Harry Braybrooke, who uses Smart to transfer his pension from the UK to his French bank account every month, says: “The efficient, accurate and prompt service I receive from Smart, allied to a high degree of courteousness, is something I personally find very reassuring.”


Michael and Caroline Di-Lella used Smart to send euros worth £177,000 to Italy when they relocated to Tuscany and bought a house there. Comments Micheal: “We both thought the response to our requests was dealt with swiftly and there was always a real person to speak to every time I called Smart.”


Mark and Pauline Neville used Smart when they bought their B&B in France, and continue to use them for currency transfers. Says Mark: “With one simple email we can get the ball rolling. The last transfer was completed in just 48 hours. Smart make the whole process incredibly easy and we would recommend their services to anyone considering making the move to Europe.”

To speak to someone about opening an account with Smart Currency Exchange call them TODAY on 0808 163 0102.


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