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Posted June 27th, 2012 by Charles Purdy

“€1,000 on bank fees? Not a chance!”

Currency exchange specialist Smart Currency Exchange chatted to British couple Ruth and Lionel Mew who saved nearly €1,000 in bank fees by using a currency transfer specialist rather than their bank to repatriate money to the UK. Here’s their story…

When the Mews, from Chester, recently sold their home in Cyprus, they needed to send the €200,000 proceeds from their Cypriot bank to their UK bank, exchanging the money into pounds in the process. The couple had been living on the pretty Mediterranean island for 10 years but have had to return to the UK for health reasons. The uncertainty in the Eurozone meant they were especially keen for a fast transfer.

“We were shocked to find our Cyprus bank was going to charge nearly €1,000 to do the transaction,” recounts Ruth. “Then we met a friend of a friend who told us about currency specialist Smart Currency. We didn’t know this person very well but they gave a good recommendation so we decided to contact them.”

Smart Currency made the transfer for the Mews and not only eliminated their transfer fees, but offered them a far better exchange rate than the one their bank would have given them, saving them a considerable amount of money.

“We were thrilled to find we could do the deal quickly,” continues Ruth. “Our trader James Thorpe agreed a figure which we were delighted with, that was fixed instantly and guaranteed on a Friday before the bank holiday. Our money arrived in the UK and Smart Currency kept me informed throughout the process. I telephoned many times during the week and always had a very good response – James made me feel it was fine to contact him and I felt that I could ask any number of questions.”

Smart Currency consistently offers better exchange rates and a faster service than banks for bank-to-bank transfers. Whether you are buying overseas property, or like the Mews, repatriating money to the UK, they will help you get the most from all your currency transfer needs.

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