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Posted April 17th, 2014 by Charles Purdy

“Why repatriating money from Switzerland runs like clockwork!”

Moving abroad for work can be costly and stressful, but thankfully there are ways to save money and make the experience easier, as Alex Pitt, a marketing director with a global pharmaceutical company, discovered when he needed to repatriate funds to the UK.

Alex uses currency transfer specialist Smart Currency Exchange to send Sterling to his British bank account from his CHF account in Switzerland, having relocated there two years ago with wife Jenny and their two daughters, Ellie and Lizzie.

“I first used Smart last year after hearing about them through a friend,” recounted Alex. “I used them again in March, when the process was extremely slick and really just involved a couple of emails between me and my Smart contact and transferring money via my online banking. Actually, I reckon the transfer took less time to arrange with Smart than it would have taken going to the bank!”

Earning in a foreign currrency while retaining a UK property with a Sterling mortgage, or other Sterling assets, is a situation many professional expats find themselves in, and it’s one FCA-authorised Smart Currency Exchange is well equipped to help with, thanks to their competitive exchange rates and fast, personal service.

The Pitts currently live in a rented house near Zug, five minutes from a lake and less than an hour from both Zurich and the ski slopes, but still own a family home in Woking, Surrey, which they have let. “I am paid locally in Switzerland, where assets typically earn low rates of interest, and we have a mortgage in the UK that we want to make a significant dent in,” added Alex. “I personally don’t think there’s a cleaner and more competitive way to do what we’re trying to do, particularly when you compare Smart’s rates to those on offer from the banks.”

For the Pitts, a family with a passion for skiing, saving money during their time in Switzerland also means they have more to spend on trips to the numerous ski slopes near them! Both Alex and Jenny are accomplished skiers, so they’re keen for Ellie and Lizzie to follow in their tracks, quite literally.

If you’re also about to move overseas for work, or you’re either retiring or buying a second home abroad, download Smart Currency Exchange’s free guide and find out how they could save you time and money, like they have done for the Pitts.

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