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Posted February 9th, 2017 by Charles Purdy

Confused about currency


Few of us ever have to exchange large quantities of currency during our lives. It hasn’t entered the national psyche as a normal thing to do, unlike buying your first home, or starting a business. So most people are a little wary of the process at first. Don’t be. As our customer Julia Martin from Manchester explains, it is really all rather safe, simple and pleasant.

Tell us about your property purchase.

It had been my dream that when we retire we want to spend at least six months abroad in Spain. I knew that property prices were good value – moving from an all-time low but starting to creep up – so in May 2015 we went for it! It’s a two-bedroom apartment near Guardamar beach on the Costa Blanca. Easy to get to in less than three hours flying time from Manchester Airport, then a half hour drive south from Alicante airport.

Had you thought about currency?

No. I went to a property fare at the GMEX in Manchester and picked up leaflets and information about buying property abroad and that’s when I realised that you need to exchange your money wisely.

And did you exchange it wisely!?

Yes, definitely. I bought the property when the pound had gone down a bit, but before it plummeted. I knew that I would get the best rate from Smart, because the currency exchange the banks offer isn’t great, as with all banks really. We used a contract (I can’t remember what sort) with Smart Currency Exchange. The trader I dealt with at Smart was really helpful.

How was the whole process of currency exchange?

Very simple, no trauma whatsoever. I also use Smart Currency now to exchange smaller amounts, £200 to£ 500 and that’s very simple too. I do it in minutes online.

Roughly what’s the price of a two-bedroom apartment in Formentera?

They range, so including all the fees you can buy an apartment from £40,000-£50,000 and you have a good choice of very good quality apartments.

What do you like about the area in particular?

I like that I’m in a village that has a mix of Spanish and English people that live there. It’s a working village, so it’s all year round, it’s not seasonal. We’ve been in December and January and everything is open and functioning. We’re currently using it for holidays and we’ve got a big extended family and they’re all excited about using it as well.

You too can exchange your pounds for euros (or 33 other currencies) quickly, easily and above all, safely, with Smart Currency Exchange. You don’t need to take our word for it, or Julia’s, Smart has been voted number one on TrustPilot for money transfers and currency exchanges, by nearly one thousand voters. Call us today on 0808 163 0102 or +(44) 207 898 0541 for a free, no obligation chat about your currency requirements.

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