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Posted October 12th, 2011 by Charles Purdy

Getting started with a currency specialist

 We all know that when it comes to any type of financial service provider, choosing a company to look after our money deserves careful consideration, and this includes currency specialists. We need to trust the company that we are giving our hard-earned money to, and we need to feel sure they have our best interests at heart. Smart Currency Exchange has been helping people transfer funds abroad since 2004, all the while helping their clients save huge amounts of money in currency exchange.

It is quick and easy to start using Smart Currency Exchange. You can open an account on-line or by requesting a form in the post. You will then receive a call from a Smart trader, who will be happy to discuss with you the different options for transferring money that best suit your needs, as well as advise you on when and how to transfer your money abroad. They will ask you how much you are looking to move, when you think you need to move it, and which currency, or currencies, you require.

Depending on which type of contract you choose, when you need to make a transfer your Smart trader will instruct your bank to make a transfer into Smart’s client account. Once this has been done, Smart will exchange and transfer your currency into an account specified by you, a process that takes two days to complete (compared to a typical bank’s 5-7 days).

A currency specialist will always be able to offer you a better rate than the high street banks as they negotiate directly with the market on your behalf. Often the rates they offer are up to 4 per cent better than banks. Not a lot you may think, but if you are moving your entire savings abroad, that is an extra £4,000 saved for every £100,000 you move; the little amounts soon add up.

You can rest assured that with Smart Currency Exchange your money is in safe hands. All customers’ money goes into Smarts client account which is with the Bank of Ireland, meaning your money is fully insured and protected. Smart is also authorised by the Financial Services Authority, which regulates standards of financial services in the UK and promotes fair, efficient and orderly financial markets.

Smart is the ideal choice if you’re buying an overseas property and to send money abroad to pay a deposit, make mortgage payments or for any other reason. They will find a plan that suits your budget and time frame.

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