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Posted March 20th, 2014 by Charles Purdy

Let down by the Budget? Don’t let exchange rates get to you too!

Did this week’s Budget disappoint you at all? Did anything in Chancellor Osborne’s statement affect your financial plans or lead you to reassess your future?

Changes to tax and fiscal policy can be especially disruptive to anyone on the verge of retiring abroad or budgeting for an overseas property purchase, meaning preparation is vital. Thankfully though, there is one way to bring some certainty to your foreign property transaction – use a currency exchange specialist to buy and transfer your euros, dollars or other foreign currency abroad.

An increasing number of overseas property-buyers and emigrants are discovering the benefits of using Smart Currency Exchange to transfer money from the UK to a foreign bank, typically to pay for their new home or move savings. Smart Currency Exchange also helps people make regular transfers between the UK and abroad, for example retirees transferring their pension and a homeowner repatriating rental income.

One especially useful solution Smart Currency Exchange offers is the forward contract, which allows clients to secure an agreed exchange rate for a future transaction. Forward purchasing currency and knowing your foreign currency transaction won’t increase in cost in Sterling between agreeing to buy a foreign property and completion, brings peace of mind – often the rate can change in your favour during that period, so saving you a bonus.

If you are considering an overseas property purchase or move abroad, opening a no-obligation account with FCA-authorised Smart Currency Exchange today will enable you to benefit from their competitive exchange rates and specialist currency knowledge, ultimately saving you money and time – regardless of what happens in the Budget! For more information, download Smart Currency Exchange’s free currency guide.

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