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Posted June 13th, 2013 by Charles Purdy

Money-saving tips don’t get much better than this!

Every penny counts when you’re emigrating, which is why Hertfordshire couple Louise and Kevin Cheadle are delighted to have found an easy way to save money as they prepare for a new life abroad.

The Cheadles are on the verge of moving with their two children to New Zealand, and like anyone relocating anywhere in the world, have recently needed to send money to their New Zealand bank account. Fortunately, research led them to specialist currency firm Smart Currency Exchange instead of their bank, and as a result of Smart’s bank-beating exchange rates and efficiency, the couple have saved both time and money.

“We were a bit nervous the first time we used Smart, having never used a firm like them before,” said Louise. “So, we decided to move small amounts of money to start with, which was absolutely fine with them. At the end of May, Smart exchanged £6,000 into NZ dollars for us and deposited them safely in our Bank of New Zealand account. We then had to pay a NZ$600 bond to secure a rental property, which Smart dealt with too.”

The couple are waiting for the New Zealand dollar to weaken before they transfer more money. “Our personal trader at Smart will contact us when the exchange rate gets to £1/NZ$2.12, and then we’ll decide whether to transfer more money over from the UK. Once the sale of our home in St Albans has completed, we’ll have around £300,000 left to send.”


Smart typically beats bank exchange rates by three per cent, but that could feasibly rise to four per cent on a substantial £/NZ$ transaction, meaning the Cheadles can expect to save between £9,000 and £12,000, simply by not using a bank.

The Cheadles, who have already recommended Smart to friends in New Zealand, have also learnt that not all currency firms are the same.

“We’d already spoken to another currency firm, actually a much bigger company, but we came across Smart at an exhibition and they impressed us enough to make us switch. People there are reassuring, speak plain English and put your mind at rest by using terms that are easy to understand. We also find their daily email updates useful for keeping an eye on the exchange rate.”

It shouldn’t be too with long before Louise and Kevin, along with their teenage children Jamie and Lucy, are settled into their rented three-bedroom house in Tauranga on New Zealand’s North Island.
“Our departure date has been delayed more than once by the sale of our house and issues with the visa, but at least sending money has been easy thanks to Smart. We can’t wait to get out to NZ and start our new life!”
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