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Posted November 17th, 2011 by Charles Purdy

Using a currency specialist to repatriate money

Saving money when transferring funds abroad isn’t just possible when you buy property or emigrate, but it’s also something to consider when you wish to move money back to the UK.
For example, it may be that you are living abroad but still have bills to pay back in the UK, whether to make mortgage repayments, send money back to family or pay household bills if you are renting out your UK home. Or, it may be that you are moving back to the UK permanently, in which case you’ll likely to have larger amounts of money to move.

For whatever reasons you need to repatriate funds, transferring them from one currency back into pounds, you will save money buy opting to use a currency specialist, such as Smart Currency Exchange, rather than a bank. Smart Currency Exchange, for example, can beat the bank exchange rates by potentially up to 4 per cent, saving you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.

Banks tend to set their rates every morning and they stay the same all day; this allows for minor changes in the rate which ensures that whichever way it goes, the bank will still make money. Currency specialists, like Smart Currency Exchange, don’t have ‘set’ rates; instead they negotiate directly with the market floor to get you the best deal possible. Further to that, to ensure a high level of customer service, traders at Smart Currency Exchange do not work on commission, which means that they are working with your best interests in mind.

If you are not in a hurry to send money back to the UK, but know that you will need to at some point, then give Smart a call and they will be able to advise you on the best type of contract for you. If the rate is good now, it is possible for you to buy currency now and use it at a later date – allowing you to take advantage of the good rate. If the rate now is not as good as you’d hoped then you can take out a contract whereby the trader will watch the market and inform you when the rates hit a pre-agreed level, enabling you to buy currency at your preferred rate.

Sending money to the UK using a specialist company could not be easier, you simply instruct your bank to send the money to Smart’s client account, and the rest is done for you! It takes up to three days less than a bank transfer and the Smart traders may also be able to significantly reduce or eliminate completely, any overseas transfer charges.

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