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Posted May 15th, 2013 by Charles Purdy

Worried that exchange rates could ruin your property purchase?

Saving money is one reason to use a currency firm when sending funds abroad to complete a property purchase, but another key benefit is the peace-of-mind you can receive – as Brit Simon Wilstead discovered when he bought a property in Portugal recently.


Simon discovered currency firm Smart Currency Exchange while researching his Portuguese property purchase with his wife. When they learnt how the currency firm could not only offer them a better exchange rate than their bank for sending money to Portugal from the UK, but also protect their budget from the fluctuating £/€ exchange rate, using them was a no-brainer.

“The most important aspect for us was having confidence that our budget would secure the foreign currency amount we required, given how much the currency markets were fluctuating at the time,” said Simon.
“Our trader, Richard Brown, was able to advise the rate we required and having this as a baseline meant I was able to push ahead with a spot contract when the rate was right. I’m not sure how much this saved us overall, but it was more about the peace-of-mind of knowing we could raise the amount we required without going over budget.”

Using Smart Currency Exchange enabled the Wilsteads to achieve a suitable rate that meant they could stay in budget, as well as have a small amount left over to help with other costs associated with their purchase.
Added Simon: “Richard was always prepared to answer my queries and to provide reassurance, but was never pushy with his answers or any particular product. We now have a fantastic holiday home in Vilamoura (pictured) that we, our family and friends are using to relax and have fun.”

To speak to Smart Currency Exchange, call them today on 0808 163 0102 or download their free report explaining how they could save you money on currency transfers.

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