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Posted January 19th, 2015 by Charles Purdy

Euro under pressure

The euro and the Eurozone are under pressure. Last week turned out to be one of the worst weeks in years for the euro, particularly against the US dollar as it hit 11-year lows and against sterling as it 7-year lows. And this week is likely to increase the uncertainty and pressure given the various key events and releases that are happening.

The situation worsened with downbeat Eurozone inflation data, causing further expectations that the European Central Bank (ECB) will announce additional stimulus measures in its upcoming policy statement on Thursday. It would seem now that the ECB is left with no choice but to implement quantitative easing on a large scale with the central bank expected to pump €500 billion to €1 trillion into the Eurozone economy. The only doubts that it will happen are due to Germanys extreme resistance to this programme and their unwillingness to underwrite the debts of the whole of the Eurozone.

Additional key data releases are as follows. This Tuesday sees the release of ZEW business confidence from Germany, forecast to increase from last month’s figure of 10 to 15. The Eurozone will also make this month’s interest rate announcement on Thursday; the rate is currently standing at 0.05%, but given the way that the Euro is heading we could be looking at another interest rate cut for the single currency. We also have a raft of Purchasing Managers Indices for the Eurozone and some of its member states on Thursday which, on the whole, are expected to be show most Eurozone economies growing which would be helpful.

And then we have the first stage of the Greek election over next weekend which adds another level of uncertainty and instability to the euro.

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