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Posted by Charles Purdy

Pound steady despite deadlock over fisheries | 27/10/2020

The pound is well supported against the euro and the dollar this morning as Brexit talks continue in London today. There have been reports that French President, Emmanuel Macron, is refusing to compromise on issues surrounding fisheries. Despite this, there is still optimism that a deal can be reached. Uncertainty surrounding the US election is […]

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Posted by Charles Purdy

Brexit talks, ECB meeting and US stimulus news this week | 26/10/2020

The pound continues to be impacted by Brexit news, with talks taking place in London and Brussels this week. There are still hopes that a deal can be achieved by mid-November. However, key sticking points need to be overcome. The ECB will hold their latest meeting this week. Due to rising COVID-19 cases across Europe, […]

Posted by Charles Purdy

Pound strong but Johnson says time is in “short supply” | 24/10/2020

The pound is still at strong levels against the euro and the dollar this morning, despite the Prime Minister stating that the time left to reach a Brexit deal is in “short supply”. Talks continue this week ahead of the EU summit on Thursday when we could see the UK walk away from negotiations if […]

Posted by Charles Purdy

Pound weaker as it responds to Brexit headlines | 24/10/2020

The pound has weakened against both the euro and the dollar this morning, as reports have surfaced that at the EU summit tomorrow, EU leaders will say that the progress of Brexit talks is “not sufficient” for a deal. This increases worries of a no-deal Brexit, causing sterling to weaken. We could see further volatility […]

Posted by Charles Purdy

Pound volatile as EU summit gets underway | 24/10/2020

The EU summit is due to begin today, where EU leaders will discuss the state of Brexit negotiations. Leaked reports suggest that they are expected to say that negotiations need to continue before a trade deal can be agreed upon. We expect to hear more news of how the summit is progressing today and tomorrow. […]

Posted by Charles Purdy

EU calls on UK to make concessions | 24/10/2020

The pound is still volatile as the EU summit continues today. So far, EU leaders have called on the UK to make the necessary moves and concessions to reach a trade deal. Following this, the Prime Minister is expected to reveal what the UK’s next steps will be, which could impact sterling. Rising COVID-19 infection […]

Posted by Charles Purdy

Pound strong despite no-deal rhetoric | 24/10/2020

The pound is strong against the euro and the dollar this morning, despite comments from Boris Johnson that the UK is preparing for an ‘Australia style’ Brexit deal. Chief negotiators, David Frost and Michel Barnier, are expected to set the structure today for further Brexit talks. A series of PMI data for the Eurozone will […]

Posted by Charles Purdy

Prime Minister calls for “change of approach” from EU | 24/10/2020

The pound is fairly well supported this morning, despite the Prime Minister calling on a “change of approach” from the EU. The EU have said that they wish to intensify negotiations and discuss the legal texts surrounding the Brexit trade deal, however, it’s unclear whether the UK have agreed to this as yet. Reports of […]

Posted by Charles Purdy

Hopes for a deal remain despite Brexit stalemate | 24/10/2020

Despite a stalemate in Brexit negotiations after the EU summit last week, the markets are still holding out for talks to resume, possibly in the coming days. Michel Barnier has declared that the EU side is ready to start negotiations again, but the UK has been less forthcoming so far. The euro is strong this […]

Posted by Charles Purdy

UK and EU to intensify negotiations | 24/10/2020

The pound is strong against the euro and the dollar this morning, rising on news that the UK and EU have agreed to engage in intense Brexit negotiations. After Chief Negotiator, Michel Barnier, acknowledged yesterday that concessions need to be made by the EU, David Frost invited the EU team to London to resume talks […]

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