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Posted July 25th, 2013 by Charles Purdy

Will today’s Growth figures affect sterling? | Smart Daily Currency Note

GBP/EUR – 1.1614

Sterling showed signs of weakness yesterday morning but largely recovered during the afternoon, until it fell sharply against the US dollar in the evening. The weakness experienced earlier in the day was seen in response to speculation by Goldman Sachs that there is a 50% chance that the Monetary Policy Committee will loosen monetary policy when they meet again in August. Sterling received a boost from the minutes of the last MPC meeting when it was revealed that the members voted unanimously in favour of maintaining the quantitative easing programme rather than increasing it. If there was a vote in favour of further asset-buying at the next meeting then this would have the opposite effect. However, after maintaining a reasonably strong upward trajectory for the past week sterling was still close to monthly highs against the dollar by the close of trading in London. Today sees the most important sterling data release of the week in the form of second quarter Growth figures. These are largely predicted to show consecutive growth, but expect volatility should we see any significant divergence between average predictions of 0.6% growth and the actual figure. Call in now to see how the Growth figures affect sterling performance.

There were signs of life coming from the 17-member state yesterday as strong manufacturing data out of Germany and France bolstered demand for the region’s assets. It triggering the euro to climb against the majority of its most-traded peers, and to 1-months highs against the US dollar before tumbling as Barack Obama began to speak. The euro gains were not as considerable as they might otherwise have been if it were not for the conservative monetary policy implemented by the European Central Bank. Nevertheless, the data out of Europe so far this week is encouraging, and could signal the start of a slight recovery in the latter parts of this year. The significant piece of data our of Europe today is the results from the German business climate survey, a good indication of wider European economic conditions. Get in touch for the latest euro news. 

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