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Posted January 26th, 2009 by Charles Purdy

Weekly US$ rates and comments – week commencing 26th January 2009

In another poor week for economic data sterling fell across the board as concerns for the health of the UK financial sector and the depth of the current down-turn persisted. On Monday the biggest names in British high-street banking all announced record losses. RBS share price fell approximately 60%. The newly proposed bail-out plan put forward by the UK government at the start of the week was intended to encourage the major banks to start lending again having seen little improvement in credit availability since interest rates had been slashed to historic lows. However, the initial reception of the package was clearly negative and confidence in UK business fell further. Remaining under pressure later in the week due to an increase in UK unemployment as well as evidence of the economy contracting 1.5% in the last quarter of 2008, sterling dropped to near record low levels against the euro and its lowest price against the US$ in almost 30 years. No respite for sterling.



There was very little in terms of significant US market data in what will be remembered as an historic week for the USA. The inauguration of Barak Obama as US President dominated headlines as a new wave of optimism swept through the blue half of the American populous. The monumental task facing the relatively inexperienced President of rescuing the US economy from the jaws of a massive recession will be, by popular opinion, the president’s toughest test as leader of the free world. We wish him well. At present, the US$ sits at 1.371/£1.

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Posted January 19th, 2009 by Charles Purdy

Weekly US$ rates and comments – week commencing 19th January 2009

Following record week-on-week gains against the euro in the previous week, sterling had a steady week ending only marginally down against the euro on Friday. Persistently poor domestic data reduced sterling’s gains during last week. The growing UK trade deficit, weaker-than-expected retail sales and more high-street names going into administration will have limited sterling’s chances  Continue Reading…

Posted January 12th, 2009 by Charles Purdy

Weekly US$ rates and comments – week commencing 12th January 2009

Sterling gained against most major currencies last week with substantial gains made against the euro. The Bank of England’s (BoE) much expected cut of 0.5%, bringing UK interest rates down to an all-time record low of 1.5% had already been factored in and did nothing to harm sterling’s positive start to the week. It will  Continue Reading…

Posted January 5th, 2009 by Charles Purdy

Weekly US$ rates and comments – week commencing 5th January 2009

Due to the holiday season, there was very little in terms of market data out last week. However sterling did stumble to yet another record low against the euro early on before rallying by about 2% on Wednesday back up to the previous week’s levels. The Nationwide Building Society announced that as well as house  Continue Reading…

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