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Posted April 29th, 2010 by Charles Purdy

USD/GBP Rate & Comments for 29th April 2010

USD/GBP – 1.522

Sterling fell yesterday against the US dollar following the fallout from the Greek debt crisis that caused investors to flee to safer assets. The UK came under renewed examination in the run up to the election as analysts predicted that the crisis over government debt could spread further.

With most opinion polls pointing to a hung parliament, the pound suffered as no party would currently have the majority to push through legislation to clear the UK’s record deficit. Despite speeches from the Liberal Democrats over a ‘balanced government,’ or a coalition, markets like certainty and strong decisive government.

The pound hit a 3 week low of $1.5129/ £1 before recovering slightly towards the end of the day. Sterling stayed in a narrow range against the euro throughout yesterday but has dropped this morning after Spain suffered a credit downgrading. Further issues were caused by Gordon Brown’s shocking gaffe on the campaign trail.

There was no data out in the UK yesterday – out today, we have a house price report from the Nationwide which is expected to show a mild decline in the rate of growth in house prices. There is also the final prime ministerial debate tonight which could see more instability. Call in now on 0207 898 0549 for a live exchange rate as they are moving around quite a bit.

In the USA, the US dollar is still the gauge of global opinion towards risk in the economy. As a result, following yesterday’s issues in the euro zone many investors fled from UK investments to the US and as a result, the Dow Jones stock market in the USA closed higher yesterday. There is US unemployment data out today. Call in today on 0207 898 0549 for a live exchange rate.

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