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Posted July 16th, 2013 by Charles Purdy

Sterling still feeling the heat | Smart Daily Currency Note

GBP/USD – 1.5125

Sterling experienced some movement yesterday, losing some ground against the US dollar during the morning, but largely making good those losses in the afternoon. There was also little overall movement against the euro as data released from Smart Currency partner Rightmove Plc showed that asking prices for UK housing had risen again to a record high. The most imposing event on the horizon for sterling is the publication of the minutes of the Bank of England’s most recent policy meeting, which may give traders cause to react as everyone looks to get the measure of Mark Carney. Should it transpire that Carney voted in favour of further quantitative easing then we are likely to see a sharp decline for sterling. In the meantime, today sees the release of Consumer Price Index data, which is the most important indication of the current level of inflation in the UK. Higher than expected inflation may lend some support to sterling ahead of the release of the policy meeting minutes tomorrow, whilst lower figures would have an inverse effect. Call in now for a live rate from your trader and to keep pace with developments.

The US dollar enjoyed a reasonably strong morning yesterday, making reasonable gains against sterling and euro as a number of key figures made optimistic predictions for the US retail sales data. However, earlier gains were quickly wiped out when the figures revealed less growth than expected. Whilst typical estimates put growth at 0.8%, the figures revealed growth to be slightly lower at 0.4%, underlining the fact that recovery has been less convincing in the second quarter for the US. Commentators expect the US economy to continue its recovery over the coming months, however figures such as yesterday’s show that the recovery could be sporadic and any negative data is likely to lend credence to the hesitancy that Fed Chairman Bernanke expressed last week regarding the tapering back of the US bond-buying programme. Thus today’s US Core CPI data, giving an indication as to the level of inflation in the world’s largest economy, has the potential to cause further movement if figures differ from predictions. Call your trader now to keep pace with developments and to get a live quote.

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